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    Welcome to the Leading DMC in Greece for Meetings, Incentives & Events

    At Mundus we’re extremely proud to represent Metropolitan DMC & Event Management for the UK MICE market. With more than 39 years of experience Daniella and Beryl lead an international team with diverse backgrounds and strong global perspectives, allowing them to connect and understand clients from around the globe.

    The core values Metropolitan DMC brings to the table are a thorough knowledge of Greece, unwavering integrity, professional qualifications & a deep passion for the destination. Their strength is in going beyond the pedestrian to find little-known gems, incentive products, and locations not inundated by tourists.

    Metropolitan DMC are passionate about Greece, and will deliver authentic life-changing experiences that reward and motivate your team.

    "I would like to say a massive THANK YOU for just a superb event in Santorini over the last few days. I would say it’s the best that we have ever been to. We really appreciated the way that the programme had been chosen and set out and it made for a memorable experience."

    Thank you note agency client
    IT corporate incentive, Santorini

    “Just a note to thank your entire team for all your help and assistance with the HCL group. Please pass my thanks on to all the girls. You made my job so much easier. It’s been a pleasure working with you. I hope to be back!”

    Laura Wolfe,

    “It was lovely to work with you, and all the way through I felt my guests and I were in good hands.”

    Clare Jackson,

    “It is always such a pleasure working with you and your team. You always accommodate all our emergencies and last minute requests. You guys are super stars.”

    Agency Owner, Incentive House

    Time difference / travel time

    Greece is 2 hours ahead of the UK.

    Accessible via multiple UK departure points with direct flights to Greece as well as numerous islands such as Mykonos, Crete, Santorini, Rhodes, Kos & Corfu.  The main carriers serving the destination include; British Airways, Aegean Airways and Easy Jet.  

    Flying time from the UK is just over 3 hours.


    OUR Destination

    OUR Corporate Social Responsibility

    Metropolitan DMC Greece is environmentally conscious and has associated itself with several CSR sustainable projects in Greece.

    We support individuals and entrepreneurs who embrace sustainability and also support those in need in the local community. Examples include:

    Boroume is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide an innovative, sustainable solution to reduce food waste and address rising food insecurity in Greece.  As Boroume has proven, all you need is a phone, a (very good) database, and enthusiastic volunteers. Their holistic approach involves programs raising awareness in society from  schools upwards, connecting shops & producers with food to donate with charities or families in need, gleaning crops that may go to waste otherwise, and volunteering within all these aspects.

    In collaboration with Boroume, Metropolitan DMC coordinates the donation of surplus food from events that would otherwise go to waste and creates CSR activities for delegates to participate in these programs. We match the activity to the corporate client’s goals.

    Wise Greece: a recent initiative that has created a network of outlets all over Greece and abroad, selling organic Greek products from small producers. With the proceeds, they provide food to the homeless and support charitable institutions that help children and the elderly.

    Loom and Fibra Fibra, who use looms from the early 20th century to weave beautiful handbags and other items, all from local, natural fibers.

    Zylo: a couple who live on the island of Syros and make beautiful wooden sunglasses.

    Phee: an innovative Greek company who make iPhone cases, boxes, coasters and much more by upcycling natural seagrass.

    Atenistas: a group of Athenians who actively support those in need in the community and organize interventions to clean and beautify beaches, parks and neglected areas of the city of Athens.

    We follow as many green practices as possible in our office and throughout the business.

    • All our staff are aware and trained to recycle as much as possible. In the office this means paper, ink, and electricity.
    • Printing is done only when necessary or unavoidable.
    • All light fittings are energy saving, outdoor lights are on motion sensor and all appliances are shut down when not in use.
    • In designing programs for groups, we factor in, as far as possible, venues that are within walking distance and incorporate activities that can begin on foot from the hotel used.
    • We partner with suppliers who are environmentally conscious & forward thinking: the transportation company we use in Athens & the mainland has the youngest fleet of technologically advanced vehicles, featuring clean technology (euro 6), equipped with the most environmentally friendly fuel, thus reducing pollutant emissions (CO2, NOX, etc.) and noise by 20%.
    • In all Greek destinations in which we work, we consciously seek and support local entrepreneurs by using small local businesses and cooperative initiatives as well as locally produced and sourced Food and Beverage.



    Viceroy Hotels & Resorts


    With provocative design, intuitive service and imaginative art encounters, each Viceroy hotel is a reflection of the local culture and a uniquely authentic experience. With sought-after destinations around the world, Viceroy inspire travellers to create their own singular journey and… #remember to live. From chic suites in the city centre to sumptuous villas on a secluded Caribbean beach, from poolside cocktails at dusk to two-hour massages in private cabanas, every setting is one of a kind. Viceroy reinterprets history, traditions, and modernity in innovative, uniquely timeless ways.

    Whether a corporate retreat, or restful hideaway between presentations, each Viceroy property offers exceptional service and amenities to make meetings and events both successful and easy.

    “It’s clear from the 30 ft tableau of Marcel Proust quotes in the lobby that the Viceroy does things a little differently.”
    -Viceroy Chicago National Geographic UK

    Learn more:

    Location map:

    Sustainability & Social Action

    Viceroy Hotels & Resorts dedicated sustainability programs are purposefully created to save resources, energy and time – and practices include installing low-flow water fixtures, using energy-efficient lighting, recycling and composting, and implementing green purchasing policies. It’s all to make being eco-friendly an everyday lifestyle, not simply an aspiration.

    Guest are encouraged to spending time with the property’s charity affiliation to affect positive change in the local community. From volunteering time at dog shelters to providing meals to the hungry, it’s all part of our steadfast vision of doing good and inspiring others to do the same.

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      We understand your data is important and protection of it is equally important to us.
      Please note your data supplied here will only be used to contact you with Mundus Representation and its partners relevant news. Your data will not be used for any other purposes.