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    Malta’s Award Winning DMC for Meetings, Incentives & Events 

    ECMeetings are a quality assured Destination Management Company (DMC) based in Malta. A specialist in delivering Meetings, Incentives Conferences and Events on the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino. ECMeetings go the extra mile,  to take your event to the next level, and deliver a memorable and lasting experience for your delegates, ultimately driving your business forward.

    Mark Gatt, Managing Director, “We focus on details and create motivational programmes that are tailor made to your requirements, consistently delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction and return on investment. ECMeetings was founded in 2001 with a unique vision and strategic plan to set high standards in the destination management sector and offer high quality event solutions”

    “We cannot thank ECMeetings Malta enough for their professionalism and negotiations skills. Their insights and Malta provided us with the best choices in terms of hotels, restaurants and venues”

    Global Alliances – organising team

    “You listen and try to understand the reason why a question is asked. You then make it work no matter what, even with a challenging event with over 1000+”

    Pharmaceutical Company Germany.

    “The ‘Activity’ stream on our event app was so over run with photos and comments from a very excited and happy audience”

    BCD meetings and events

    Time difference / travel time

    Malta is 1 hour ahead of the UK.

    Malta is accessible from multiple UK departure points, the main carriers servicing the destination include;  British Airways, Air Malta and EasyJet.

    Flying time is just over 3 hours.


    OUR Destination

    OUR Corporate Social Responsibility

    A few years ago EMCMeetings undertook a review of the number of water bottles consumed during one single 3 day event and were shocked to realise that over 5000 plastic bottles were used

    They realised that when you multiplied this by the number of events they undertook this was unsustainable & decided they needed to find more environment solutions to this and many other aspects of the way the events industry impacts the environment.

    As a result of this EMCMeetings group were the first DMC to set up an internal and external sustainability policy together with Global Green Events. The aim is to create awareness in the communities, be pro-active with both suppliers and clients and together work hand in hand to achieve better solutions on an economic, social and environmental scale.

    ECMeetings Event Policy involves;

    1. Every individual client proposal created includes at least 1 sustainable event option or CSR activity for clients
    2. Reduction of plastic disposables. Zero plastic straws on events. Plastic bags are no longer used or offered to clients on events.
    3. Reusable drinking water bottles are offered to clients in each proposal, with this option hotel / venue’s integrate water dispensers into the programme to help eliminate single plastic bottle usage.
    4. We are actively encouraging all Venues and hotels we work with to incorporate water dispensers for drinking water over single use plastic bottles.
    5. All materials are considered in procurement and sourcing. With eco-friendly or sustainable options and new innovations being sought out.
    6. Promotion of conscious transport options. Using public transport, shuttle buses, electric vehicles, park and ride initiatives, carpooling, cycling or walking.
    7. Eco/dietary – friendly menu options are offered to clients, including a variety of locally sourced food, vegan and vegetarian options and organic and pesticide free.
    8. Printed menus used sparingly, electronic menus or group wide menus are prioritised.
    9. Promote energy efficient and energy reducing initiatives through proposals.
    10. Use suppliers as a preference that have Unleaded/Bio fuel generators and advocate and implement the reduction of energy consumption in their operations.
    11. Ensure all lighting on events wherever possible is LED.
    12. Utilise transport that reduces CO2 emissions and maximise client comfort
    13. Priority is given to sourcing workers locally, buying local, using local providers.
    14. Proposals and the website will both promote sustainable event solutions for clients, to ensure that sustainability is an easy option to undertake.